Premier Playhomes

From the days of the Little Rascals playing in their secret club house built of cardboard, we have delivered the play homes of the 21st century. We envision our play-homes as a magical place for play for countless generations of memories from childhood through senior citizenship. People that experience watching their children play games, enjoy the slide, or even watch a favorite movie express a feeling of enjoyment and delight witnessing children in such a place of happiness. The miniature element adds a surreal factor with adults, as you see the same amenities in most personal homes and estates although at a fraction of the size. There is definitely a magical component about the warmth and charm that will exert you from the time the threshold is crossed. We strive to get today’s children back outdoors to play and enjoy the natural surroundings.

Our goal is to instill the passion and desire to one day build and own a home far more spectacular than the one they play in. As each child and/or parent are intimately involved in each phase of construction, they will soon learn -if they can envision it, they can soon be playing inside of what was once in their imagination. Give us a call to discuss the possibilities or schedule an on-site visit to unleash the possibilities in your own back yard.

Optional Features

  • Custom Built or Choose a Plan
  • Keyless Entry
  • Security System
  • Completely Wired (Ethernet, Cable, Electric, etc)
  • Heating and Air Conditioning
  • Entertainment Center
  • High-end Fixtures and Finishes
  • The possibilities are endless, if you can dream it, it can be included in your playhome

Featured Playhome Gallery

Premier Playhomes - Facade Premier Playhomes - Entry Premier Playhomes - Exterior
Premier Playhomes - Play Area & Exit Slide Premier Playhomes - Custom Door & Keyless Premier Playhomes - Cathedral Ceiling
Premier Playhomes - Entry with Electronics Cabinets & Refrigeration Premier Playhomes - LED & Surround Sound Premier Playhomes - Lounge Area & Slide Exit
Slide Exit Game Time!