Landscape Lighting

Outdoor lighting is the addition of lighting fixtures and effects to highlight and enhance the beauty of your home after dusk. The ideal lighting system is one that meets the practical and aesthetic needs of the owner without adding yet another maintenance requirement to the burden of ownership. Planning, design, installation and service are the components of effective and functional lighting implementation.

Landscape lighting reveals the house and grounds in the setting that is lost as the sun sets. The purpose of lighting is to re-establish the relationship between the house and the landscaping and in many cases add enhancement to this relationship. Lighting should  extend the hours of enjoyment of the outdoors and provide for the safety and convenience of guests. It can also address issues of security in a manner that is aesthetically pleasing and appropriate to the residence or property

Low voltage lighting is an optional outdoor amenity usually added to a property after construction is completed and the landscaping has matured. Most often it is the final touch to a carefully designed and maintained landscape design. It is therefore important that the lighting be appropriate to the landscaping.

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