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Custom Deck Construction

Taylor Construction / Virginia Deck Works offers in-house custom design solutions that are tailored specifically to your wants and functional needs.  Our designers meet with each and every homeowner to incorporate overall aesthetics and functionality into each and every design.  We offer a wide variety of specialty hardwoods and also the latest products offered in Composite and PVC materials to the decking industry.  We have been installing and servicing integrated lighting packages from top manufacturers of Low Voltage and LED fixtures for the past 15 years.

For those customers who prefer the look of wood or lower construction costs, we offer quality pressure treated Madison lumber. We are willing to construct your deck using the pressure treated southern yellow pine, cedar, mahogany, or ipe. Our pine wood is offered in C-select and #1 select grades. #1 select wood has less notches than #2 grade wood, but C-select is of the highest quality. Ipe is a tropical hardwood. It is a premium material that will last for a long time. This wood is very dense and resists rot, cupping, splintering, twisting, and checking.

While vinyl may cost a little more, it offers extra benefits. Vinyl allows you to walk barefoot without any concern, as it is cool to the touch. Also, owners of vinyl need not worry about maintenance as much as with wood, since vinyl can be as easy to clean as spraying a hose. Vinyl is free of splinters, is slip-resistant, and is considered a safer alternative to pressure treated lumber, which many question regarding health concerns.

TC /VDW offers a good selection of composite material to choose from. Composite material is cheaper than vinyl but offers similar benefits. Composites represent a blend of wood fiber and plastic, with plastic contents of 30 to 50%. They are growing in popularity since they also avoid the problems associated with pressure-treated lumber and require less maintenance. The maintenance-free aspect leaves more time for you to enjoy your deck instead of working on it.

Composites are free of splinters, toxic chemicals, and preservatives. Also, they absorb very little water, which enables it to handle the weather quite well. Insects, such as termites, do not take the toll on your deck that they otherwise could if you were using wood. Also, since it is made with recycled plastic grocery bags, reclaimed pallet wrap, and about half waste wood, it is great for the environment!

Deck Re-Surfacing
With economic times limiting new construction options for many homeowners these days, we often propose “Re-surfacing” and/or “Restoration Services” as an alternative to revive an already structurally sound framework.  By restoring and/or improving the existing sub-frame, we often add supplemental beams and increase the sizing on structural support post while adding decorative columns to incorporate a sleek PVC exterior appearance.  While adding integrity to structural components, we also pay strict attention to detail in “Re-Facing” distressed decking and “Replacing” fatigued railing to revive new life into an old structure.  We walk each customer through a vigorous inspection and point out any deficiencies that are found in mechanical components and code compliance violations.

Benefits and Details
Our Reputation and Commitment to Quality and Service is at the forefront of each and every project we receive.  The most important goal is to deliver a service that makes each project a pleasurable experience for our customers.  We are a Class A Contracting company committed to providing excellence in service and providing the best  value for every dollar invested.  We work with each homeowner to generate a functional design based on their requirements.  We also provide the necessary information and specification for most Home Owner Association approvals.  We work closely with the local Building Officials to obtain the required building permits prior to commencement of any project.  We exceed most State and Local building code by designing and building decks capable of supporting  60 Pounds per Square Foot (PSF) live-loads opposed to 40 PSF required by State Building Code.  The most common tool used on Hardwood and Pressure Treated projects is a router accompanied by a round-over bit.  Routing each board end adds a custom look and contributes to the overall attention to detail from a custom builder.  We use the latest offerings from screw and deck fastener manufacturers to drastically reduce the possibility of splitting and mushrooming of all materials.   We extend our strong attention to detail each day in picking up trash and debris to maintain and present an organized and efficient job site.  This demonstrates our professionalism and respect to your home and property improvements.  We use state licensed trade professionals for all of our electrical, plumbing and mechanical needs, as we believe that industry proven professionals will provide the most efficient design and recommendation to our finished product…….giving our homeowners and customers  true piece of mind.

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